Discover the power of membership and all the ways you can benefit from being a member.

As a member of a cooperative, you are also an owner. You have a voice in the operation of Sumter EMC through the elected representatives to the cooperative board of directors.

You pay what we pay:
As a not-for-profit, you pay what it cost Sumter EMC to get the power to you. The rates and service fees set by Sumter EMC are cost-based, providing you the lowest prices to deliver service. Should we have surplus revenues, they are returned to you as Capital Credits. The money doesn’t go to a distant stockholder.

Capital Credits:
Because you receive power from us, you are not only a member but an owner of a not-for-profit business. As an owner, you will also share in the success of the cooperative through dividends, or as we refer to them—capital credits. You may receive capital credits based on the business that you’ve done (electric energy purchased) with the cooperative. Payment for capital credits vary.